InfraStake Control Specifications

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InfraStake Software and Hardware

These are the software and hardware requirements for the IS32 module. Although not required, these specifications will also work with the IS125 and ISM20 modules.

SoftwareRockwell Studio 5000 version 28+ (Allen Bradley Logix)
Memory*127 Module (max)832 kB
63 Module (max)701 kB
31 Module (max)635 kB
Data StorageStatistical Process Control (SPC)50 cycles
Fault Log100 faults
SoftwareRockwell FactoryTalk View Studio version 8.2+
Screen RecommendationsSize10" (7" min)
SeriesPanelView Plus 7 Performance (PanelView Plus 6 min)
Screen Count11 replace, 2 on-top
LanguagesEnglish (only)
OutputsLamp On1 digital (PNP/NPN) output per module
InputsLamp Status1 digital (PNP) input per module
Punch Sensing1 analog (0-10 VDC) input per module (IS32 module) 10 VDC power source needed
1 digital (PNP) input per sensor (ISM20 module)

*These are the memory requirements for the InfraStake software only. Additional memory will be required for the machine program.